• We have developed a range of engaging and interactive course for High school students.
  • These course focus on Sustainability, Marine Restoration and Digital Media. These courses are self-paced to allow students the time to progress through the course at their own pace if desired or we have the added support of trainers and industry experts to assist, guide and mentor students through their studies.
  • At Envirotech we have gathered a group of superheroes who are specialised trainers and who come from a diverse range of specialisations and experience. They all have the passion to see with clear eyes the powers and benefits of being able to help change what you want to see in the world.
  • By incorporating Envirotech’s Online Programs into High schools will allow individuals to become part of a team of leading environmental influencers who want to change the world as we see it today.

For High Schools, we are able to create and offer an individual and personalised program.

We are prepared to deliver our courses either in your school, at one of our campuses or via online mode which is the preference due to the current Coronavirus situation.

I want to teach these courses in my school!