We are sorry and sharing the pain for anyone who lost a friend or families all around the world.

A new time is emerging. Covid19 has come to awaken humans to see the world, and our severe impact on it due to our behaviours, our work, our world views, our paths. Many of us started questioning politics, economics, education. As an educational institution, we were not left out.

The rapid global reach of the COVID-19, affecting all world economies, in favour of nature allowed to breath was and still is, an unforgettable lesson.

Envirotech Education is committed not to forget the message for COVID-19 as we have strongly felt the impact of this global pandemic and we accepted it is our reminder, for what is essential youth education and values must include. We observed that the time had finally come to publicly share what some of us already felt: the time has come.

But, what time? Time to remember that nature “from outside” does not exist. That we are all interconnected in the web of life. As the indigenous leader Chief Seattle said in his famous speech in 1854, “we are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us”.

The time has come to work with government and school principals to make the studies of environmental management and sustainability mandating for schools worldwide, empowering children globally to ask correct questions, and help them to find the correct answers, so that their world will be a safe one to live in, eliminating toxic conditions we are currently granting our future generations

Inspired by all these thoughts and our feelings of real urgency in the face of a pandemic that makes us reflect on how we live in this world, we decided to bet on two interconnecting paths:

The first

Seeing, sharing and judging: from now on, we publicly assume that the time has come to relate to the planet and to each other in a more conscious and loving way and to remain accountable in our day to day actions to that ethical environmental accountability.

The second

Increase our scope of action and invest in the training that connects both the intellects and hearts of high school students. We have adapted all our courses to train youth moving forward into sustainable industries, so that we can together prepare our youth to build a new world based on social and environmental justice.  Change is not made only with knowledge, but mainly with conscience and an open heart.

We are all living and witnessing the birth of a new time. Envirotech team is excited from the anticipation to co-create the necessary changes into our traditional training standards and curriculum with high schools in Australia and around the world in view of the droughts, fires, floods and pandemic conditions we entered 2020 with.

Let us be, then lead and be the change we must see in the world.