Being able to see communities transform is our highest educational vision. It can be achieved in communities that are committed to work together towards a holistic, environmental management and sustainability plans, these plans can connect school base training with community led projects.

We seek to connect our training programs in regional communities that are seeking to develop their own resilience and manifest a vibrant sustainable development and empowerment.

Our great desire is to deliver training alongside faith base environmental projects, being able to integrate our school base training with weekly community Ecotheology LINK training with local faith base leadership.

We aim to being able to connect with high schools that are part of a united coastal, rural or island communities, who are ready to implement environmental, land and marine VET studies alongside their community projects. These community projects include land and marine habitat conservation and restoration, food production and community spiritual work reaching out to antient environmental practices WHICH ONE? DO WE ALREADY KNOW IT? . We wish to offer a set of courses, that have the ability to empowerhigh schools youth to lead their communities into the next generation of environmental activists, who are empowered to work professionally towards the achievement of the following outcomes, in support of their communities:

  • Creating income sources and employment opportunities for local communities.
  • Assimilating values of sustainability in all areas of community life.
  • Rehabilitating both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.
  • Improving the use of natural resources as well as of renewable facilities and technologies for reducing the environmental impacts of infrastructure development, e.g., energy systems, water supply, wastewater, and waste, in the spirit of sustainability and renewable energy.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of fishing methods and preventing overuse of natural resources.
  • Establishing community structures to protect and oversee marine and terrestrial nature.
  • Preserving the ancient and traditional ecological knowledge of local and indigenous people in each community.
  • Enhancing the connection between humans, place, nature, and spirit.


Passionate environmentalists are at the core values we seek to nourish. They are in service and support of all people, and they are willing to work hard to make this world a better place. This desire to make good, for the greater community, as a human attribute we value greatly. We see our passionate teams and students as world protectors and our superheros.


Envirotech was founded on visionary goals of innovative, sound technological learning and businesses ethical sustainable development.

The Envirotech Innovation Hub (iHub) is a project incubation and seed accelerator program that offer our students a fertile grounds to set up their community sustainable empowerment project initiative with the support of experts and mentors in an innovative platforms so that their projects support the envisioned community goals du study ring the last 6 months of students educational journey.


Integrating the studies of Sustainability into our scope and into our different disciplines is an ongoing product development process and as we teach, we learn.

Social sustainability supports our performance improvements and growth as we continuously invest in, fair and fulfilling labour practices, safety, wellness, diversity, equity, work-life balance, empowerment, community engagement, volunteerism, and more. We thrive to create a positive social impact, or social sustainability. Our social sustainability program is our proactive way of managing and identifying business impacts on our employees, workers in the value chain, customers, and local communities.


Diversity is a pillar of Envirotech development and a vehicle to achieve the international linkages and relations with same minded academic in industry organisations. At Envirotech, diversity is more than having people with different skin colours or from different countries sitting in our organisation. Diversity is about hearing different ideas, honouring the background and experience of our employees, and encouraging respectful interaction for continuous improvement and change management.

Envirotech operates projects in various parts of the world, from Israel, at the Red Sea where we collaborate on marine environmental projects and the collaboration between Israeli and Arab scientist.

We develop projects also in Ukraine, Philippines, and South America. WICH PROJECTS? Together with our Israeli partners we operate a Marine Habitat Field Station in Utila, Honduras to for future support the trainer’s camps for local fisherman to employer local communities to support their prestige marine ecosystems.

Marine and land environmental conservation and restoration research and development efforts must be a global effort with best practices shared rapidly.


Our employee empowerment is a goal by itself, driven by our deep recognition of our team significant role they must play in the continues development of Envirotech as a team, and to ensure that our organisations goals are met at the highest standards.

We encourage our team members to plan their career pathing with us, this requires an employee to take an honest look at his or her career goals, skills, needed knowledge, experience, and personal characteristics. Career pathing requires the employee to plan to obtain what is necessary for each of these areas to carry out his or her career path, binding their success with that of Envirotech as one.


We believe that the environmental crisis, is in as well humanity social spiritual crisis, and as such, our goal is to instil??? in our students and team the spiritual values of care for creation, our common home. We seek to establish networks with other training and leadership organisations that connect spiritually to the mission of environmental stewardship and protection, from the heart.


We invest in continuous development of our own academic courses, to ensure that our courses deliver industry best practices, todays, while predicting these of tomorrow. We embed leadership into all of our training, with the goal to train our students towards transformation into leadership equipping them to be changemakers of their communities, countries, and the world.