We aim to educate ourselves in the spirit of the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the land custodians who know how to be at balance with nature to the best.

We seek to learn, document and together with indigenous leadership, spread this knowledge to all who need to be in service to the land and oceans.

We believe on the ancient indigenous wisdom as a source of knowledge which will add the required spirituality and reconnections to the land. Our goal is to cross-pollinate the ancient knowledge together with new environmental practices and technologies to bring back the environmental balanced and reconnection with Mother Nature.

We consider education as a tool for creating bridges between indigenous communities for sharing the knowledge on how to protect our habitats and cultural integrity.

We recognise that we stand today at a fateful junction in the human history, were the western societies must learn to slow down, and reconnect with nature, land and cultural values that may have been forgotten in many parts of the world. We dream to reconnect with indigenous communities, and together seek solutions for current environmental and social problems by integrating spiritual wisdom through environmental projects and social sustainability in community resilience and empowerment projects.

We consider that humanity is facing a strong awakening call with momentum that may harness a new realisation, where the human family devotes to the protection and guardianship of rainforests, oceans, lands and islands moving towards compassionate, just, and loving world.

We believe that the ecological problem is a spiritual problem and that as such, we are required to connect as people on a deeper level to achieve that positive change, based on advanced moral, ethical and spiritual dimension of the human family.