Today, more than ever, technology has shown us that it plays one of the most important roles in our society’s development. No matter what country we are living in, the world wide web has created ways of uniting us all – language is no longer a barrier. Now is the time to use this to our advantage. We believe that more people should be trained in the use of ICT tools, to become skilled professionals who can keep growing our businesses and uniting our world. 

This programme gives students intermediate technology skills with practical activities that will help them face real life cases about networking, information technology, digital mediaand web technologies. This programme involves practical workshops, seminars and activities that will keep you interested as you learn these useful skills. 

Some High School students believe they cannot have a professional career until after they have completed further studies or training. This is not true. Reality is, an ever-growing demand for fresh, young minds in the world of IT. This qualification gives the students’ opportunities to learn and explore a variety of roles and skills within the IT world. The course includes digital media and some programming aspects to enable working in a range of IT jobs.

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