We believe in the oneness that connects the human family, cross borders, and continents. As the challenge of a fair globalization grow more extreme, so does the need to connect the mission  and share the passion and projects for the care for our creation demands us to increase our networks and reach the world developing the positive globalisation social dimensions.

Our team is spread over several regions, mainly: Australia, Israel, Philippines, Caribbean Islands and Ukraine.

Our offshore new business initiatives are in locations of prestige ecosystems sites, such as: 

  • Israel, Red Sea

Together with Israeli business partners we are invested in the research and development of vocational training programs that are supported by decade long of academic research and development in Marine Protection, Sustainability and ecotheology. The extensive knowledge, together with the spiritual location, that connects Israel with Jordan and Egypt by the Red Sea, next to the mountain of Sinai, makes this region of interest for our organisation. We hold great faith the care for creation is the even grounds that we can connect with our brothers and system from the middle east and based on this divine connection, our differences are all erased.  

  • Utila, Honduras

Together with Israeli partners, we operate a beachfront field station for Marine Habitat conservation and restoration vocational training, with specialisations in coral propagation and coral gardening.

The campus’ goal is to serve the Caribbean region with “Train the Trainer” campus for both land and marine habitat conservation and restoration.

  • Palawan, Philippines

We employ full and part-time Australian qualified trainers, who actively participate in Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration in Palawan and other regions while they lead our Marine Division in the Philippines. We work towards advancing of the environmental vocational training sector in Philippines, with the goal to train fishing communities on various islands on the coral sea in coral gardening, conservation, restoration, supported by faith-based community projects participation.