I have long been passionate about the environment as shown through my diverse education and career. I am lucky enough to be able to incorporate that passion into my love of people and educating those around me. I am charged with developing Environment based course here at Envirotech Education. I am a highly determined person and I take this into every task I take on which I feel leads the best example for those around me, both my peers and students. I am often hard at work developing the highest quality courses in order to completely engage and educate the students who come on board with us. I always hope that each of the individuals get the most out of their courses and become passionate life-long learners. Having travelled vastly in my life, I am able to understand the unique hurdles that our students are faced and can support them in a multitude of ways. Whether it be with the educational endeavours or their work lives, I have strong knowledge in scientific and environmental areas as well as my ow personal experiences to assist them. I believe that environmental studies is a key area that requires development in all major schools and I am excited to be developing this faculty at Envirotech Education.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Coexistence System Science/Environmental Sciences

Master’s degree, Biology/ Ecology

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Oceanography


Portuguese, English and Japanese

Employment History

Environmental Project Manager


Surfing; Photography; Sailing, Diving