Shelly Bengiat

Director / Business Development & Consulting service/ IT Manager​​

+61 (0)7 55353766


Envirotech was created to align my passion for the environment and technology together. A vision to nurture and develop technological and environmental business skills through quality and innovative education to all levels of students, primary through to higher education. My goal for our college is to create genuine partnerships between Envirotech and other international education institutes and organisations around the globe to ensure the continued growth of our brand, the Australian education system and the world’s future. We have a strong focus on delivering the highest quality courses to maximise the success of each individual, through creating systems and technology which is different to other training providers, as well as practicing sustainable operations in each of our campuses to demonstrate our passion first hand. I believe in offering all students an opportunity to thrive and provide options for those who seek knowledge and want to make a difference to the world through additional elective and business accelerator classes. This allows students to build on their own business idea and be ready to take it to the world when they graduate.